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Lalin – Ultimate Kali Linux Lazy Toolkit

What is Lalin – Lazy Linux Toolkit?

Lalin – An Ultimate Kali Linux Lazy toolkit. The script allows us to install various penetration testing tools with just a simple command i.e by entering a number. As the name says “Lalin – The Lazy Linux Toolkit”. The script is useful for lazy peoples who feels lazy in typing so many commands. This script automatically installs latest packages. Lalin is the updated version of LazyKali script with added new features & so many improvements and it is 100% compatible with latest version of kali linux.

Usage of  Lalin Tool  – Lazy Script (How To Use)

The script can be downloaded from here (Github Link) –


Open the terminal and clone the script by typing the below command

git clone https://github.com/Screetsec/LALIN


After Cloning, Go into the directory and give the full permission so that the script can execute.

sudo chmod +x Lalin.sh

Now, execute the script by typing the below command.


Its very to use. The script only requires to enter a number.


Lalin Supports Various Tools . Some of them are-

1)  Update Kali – This option allows updates the kali linux machine, repositories, sources list etc.

2) Virtual Machines – This option allows installs the virtual machines like Oracle virtual box, VM Ware virtual box etc.

3) Browsers – This option allows to install various browsers like firefox, Google Chrome, TOR, Chromium etc.

4) WiFu – Under this option, various wireless hacking tools are available like Fluxion, Linset, Wifiphiser, Wifi-hack, wpsbreaker,  and Wifite.

5) Sniffing & MITM – Under this option, various sniffing & MITM tools are available like Bettercap, Mitmf, Weeman, Yamas, Easycreds, Pwnstar, Subterfuge, Ghost-Phiser and Hunting with Hamster & Ferret.

6) Backdoors – Through this options, you can install Astroid, TheFatRat, Avoid, Shellter, Veil Evasion, Unicorn, GCAT, Maligno, mpc and Backdoor-Factory.

7) Decrypter & Encrypter – This gives us many options like encoding/decoding base64, findmyhas cracking for MD5/MD4/SHA1, MD5/MD4/SHA1/SHA-256 Generator and qrcode generator

8) Lazy MacChanger – This option enables us to change mac address of interface device.


Video Tutorial

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