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Kick Out Unnecessary Users from Your WiFi Network

Hi kiddies.

Tired from speed of your Network ? Are your friends or your neighbors consuming all your WiFi speed ? Simple Solution, Kick them out.

Today you will learn how to disconnect or kickout unnecessary users who are connected on your network. Its as easy as sending message on whatsapp.

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  1. Android Device
  2. Arcai’s NetCut Application
  3. Nothing More.
Disconnect Other Users From Network


Download & Install Arcai’s NetCut Application from play store.


Open the App. Make sure your device is connected to the wifi network. Now you can see all the devices connected to your WiFi network.


All device Mac addresses & manufacturer names are also listed with IP address. If you want to kick out a specific device. Then simply tap on small wifi icon available on left side in list. Then move the slider to the left. Done, You kicked out a device from your network.

Adjust the slider according to your need if you want to set low speed for specific android device.

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