How to SuperHide your private/secret files using cmd

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How it feels when someone borrows your personal laptop and opens your private files that you don’t want to share.

Today we will learn how to safely hide secret/private files in our computer without using any software. All we need is just a command prompt. Let’s go.

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How to SuperHide Secret Files using CMD


Go to the directory of file or folder you want to hide.


After reaching to the folder, hold down shift & press right click anywhere then select “open command window here” option. This option will open the command window with current directory.


Type “attrib +h +s +r” without quotes and press enter. Done, All the files contained in current folder will be hidden.

Type “attrib +h +s +r folder_name” without quotes to hide the entire folder.

Thats it, Done

Unhiding the Files 

Type “attrib -h -s -r” without quotes and press enter. This will unhide all the files contained in a folder.

Type “attrib -h -r -s” without quotes. This will unhide the entire folder.


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