How to Gain Administrator Access using a Guest Account in Windows 10 

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You are already aware of the user with admin rights can change the password for other local users but did you know a local user can also hijack others account even admin account without knowing their password.

Today we will talk about a windows 10 vulnerability through which one can access administrator privileges. Isnt’t it cool ?

The author at Google Security Research discovered this flaw and demonstrated that one can access admin privileges without knowing their passwords.

The vulnerability named as Windows COM Elevation of Prilivege Vulnerability. It affects almost all versions of windows 10 and windows 7.


Video Demonstrations


Gaining Admin Access

First try to change password for other users using command prompt. You will see an error says that Access is Denied.

How To Gain Admin Access using a Guest Account in Windows 10 & 7 - Windows Vulnerability

Download the exploit “CVE-2017-0213_x64” from here and unzip in your PC. Go to the folder and you can find the .exe file, double click on it to run it.


Double clicking will open the command prompt with administrator privileges.


Now you can change any users password even the administrator password.


Watch  above Video for Demonstration.


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