Fluxion – Hacking WiFi Passwords without Bruteforce/Dictionary Attack

In todays era, everyone is curious about hacking wifi passwords. If you also want to hack anyones Wifi network then you are at right place. After reading the full post you will also be able to hack any wifi network easily.

What is Fluxion ?

Fluxion is a popular excellent script which helps in cracking WiFi passwords without using Bruteforce or Dictionary attack. It is the remake of linset tool with enhanced features. It exploits WiFi passwords by means of social engineering.

How the Script Works

The script attempts to retrieve the WiFi key using social engineering attack. It creates an ewil twin access point similar to original one and then forces the user to connect to the fake access point. On the other side, it continously sending de-authenticating packets to the target access point so that the user will not be able to connect to the original access point. When the user connect to the fake access point, then the fake page appears asking for WiFi key, when the user enters the correct key. Booom!!

The script uses captured handshake to check the correct password and continues to sending de-auth packets to the target AP until the correct key is supplied.

Script Requirements
  1. A Linux-based operating system
  2. AirCrack-ng Tool
  3. An External Wi-Fi Adapter
Installing Fluxion Script

Clone the script from github using below command

git clone https://github.com/FluxionNetwork/fluxion

Switch to the Directory

cd fluxion
Running the Fluxoin Script

Give the permission to the script

chmod +x fluxion.sh

Now, execute the script by typing


Note – Missing dependencies will install automatically.

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Hacking WiFi Passwords Without Bruteforce/Dictionary Attack

#Select Language you are comfortable with

#Select an Interface (External WiFi Adapter)

#Scan for Target Access Point

#Select Target Access Point

#Select Attack Option

#Capture the handshake (Necessary option)

#Select Fake Login Page

Kali Linux - Fluxion - Hacking WiFi Passwords Without Bruteforce-Dictionary Attack

#Here comes the Magic !!! Select and launch the attack.

Kali Linux - Fluxion - Hacking WiFi Passwords Without Bruteforce-Dictionary Attack

After selecting the login page, four terminal popups which handles the attack. The first terminal contains info of fake access point and the devices which are trying to connect to the fake AP. The second terminal which continously sending de-auth packets so that the device is not able to connect to the original access point. The other two terminals handles DHCP & DNS requests. DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) distributes the IP addresses to the devices and DNS (Domain Name System) resolves the hostname into ip-addresses. Watch the video tutorial below. Subscribe us on Youtube Channel to get latest related videos.  https://youtube.com/thehackerstuff 


This post is only for educational purpose.


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Video Tutorial

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