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FSociety Mr Robot Tools Pack – A Penetration Testing Framework

What is FSociety Hacking Tools Pack ?

Fsociety is a penetration testing framework i.e collection of popular hacking tools used in Mr. Robot series.  The framework classifies the different hacking tools into various categories like Information Gathering, Password Attacks, Wireless Testing, Exploitation Tools, Sniffing & Spoofing, Web Hacking, Post Exploitation. Fsociety contains all the hacking tools used in Mr. Robot series.

How to Get FSociety Hacking Tools Pack – 

The fsociety (hacking tools pack) is available on Github. Clone the tool by typing the below command in terminal

 git clone https://github.com/Manisso/fsociety.git

Then provide executable permissions to the file

chmod +x install.sh

It will install all the required tools.

Run the tool by typing below command


What tools fsociety contains – Hacking Tools Pack
Information Gathering Tools – 

First Step of Hacking. Footprinting or Information Gathering is an ethical hacking process of gathering all the information about the target. Information gathering is the first stage where an individual uses various tools to gather information about computer systems and the entities they belong to. The information identified in this phase will be very useful for attacker. There are various tools of information gathering in fsociety hacking tools pack.

  • Nmap
  • Setoolkit
  • Host To IP
  • WPScan
  • CMS Scanner
  • XSStrike
  • Dork – Google Dorks Passive Vulnerability Auditor
  • Scan A server’s Users
  • Crips
Password Attacks 

These tools helps in password cracking. It is the process of recovering passwords from data that have been stored in or transmitted by a network or computer system.

  • Cupp
  • Ncrack
Wireless Testing:

This includes collection of wireless testing tools for checking the security of wireless devices. Wireless testing hacking tools includes 

  • Reaver
  • Pixiewps
  • Bluetooth Honeypot
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Exploitation Tools:

These tools exploits vulnerabilities of applications.

  • sqlmap
  • Shellnoob
  • commix
  • FTP Auto Bypass
  • JBoss Autopwn
Sniffing & Spoofing:

Sniffing allows individuals to capture data as it is transmitted over a network. These tools helps to capture the traffic flowing through the network.

  • Setoolkit
  • SSLtrip
  • pyPISHER
  • SMTP Mailer
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Web Hacking:

A Web Hacking is often performed to access sensitive information from a website by manipulating the normal behavior of its network domains or web servers.

  • Drupal Hacking
  • Inurlbr
  • WordPress & Joomla Scanner
  • Gravity Form Scanner
  • File Upload Checker
  • WordPress Exploit Scanner
  • WordPress Plugins Scanner
  • Shell and Directory Finder
  • Joomla! 1.5 – 3.4.5 remote code execution
  • Vbulletin 5.X remote code execution
  • BruteX – Automatically brute force all services running on a target
  • Arachni – Web Application Security Scanner Framework
Private Web Hacking:
  • Get all websites like joomla, wordpress etc
  • Control Panel Finder
  • Zip Files Finder
  • Upload File Finder
  • Get server users
  • SQli Scanner
  • Ports Scan (range of ports)
  • ports Scan (common ports)
  • Get server Info
  • Bypass Cloudflare
Post Exploitation:

Post Exploitation basically means that the phases of operation once a victim’s system has been compromised by the offender. the value of the compromised system is decided by the value of the actual information stored in it and the way an offender might create use of it for malicious purposes.

  • Shell Checker
  • POET
  • Weeman
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Video Tutorial – 

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