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Self XSS To Interesting Stored XSS

This is my first bug bounty write-up, so kindly go easy on me!

So i found this XSS in a program on Hackerone. The interesting thing about this Stored XSS is the place where it’s reflected which i found by luck while searching a way to escalate from self XSS.

Also i can’t disclose the program name as they have asked not to but if you find it somehow, i’ll not be amazed.

So let’s dive in to this site, we’ll call it redacted.com

While sitting on redacted.com for hours and trying to get XSS on it, i thought it was impossible to get XSS as it was properly encoding everything. And even if i find one, it’s gonna be Self XSS.

It wasn’t a big site and after trying for XSS at every endpoint, i gave up and moved on to find other vulnerabilities.

So the next day, i read an old report on H1 about template injection in AngularJS and i was like hmmmmmm, i didn’t knew about that. Turns out that redacted.com was also running AngularJS.

So i tried a simple expression like {{4*4}}, which if not encoded will reflect 16 and finally found a place where it wasn’t encoding. Now i can give this payload **\{{constructor.constructor(‘alert(“XSS”)’)()}}** for XSS.

YAY!!! i found XSS, after a minute realizes……DAMN, it’s a Self!!!

xss stored meme

What NOW????

So after hours of searching around, i found an interesting place where it was executing and doesn’t need any authentication.

To give a background about this application, it has a feature to email the reports(of whatever this site does) and we can give a custom name to the report. These reports are sensitive and can only be viewed by authenticated user.

The Self XSS i found was in the name of this report and since the reports can only be viewed by authenticated user, there’s no way of getting it executed on other users. Really???

So i used this feature and emailed a report to my mail and found a small unsubscribe link down in the corner hiding.

Opened it and BOOM!!! It was reflecting the report name without any authentication.

Time to test whether it’s encoding the curly brackets {{}}

So i quickly went to my report page, gave the name as {{constructor.constructor('alert("XSS")')()}} and saved it. Opened that unsubscribe link again and BOOM!! It’s Stored XSS baby.

Now when anyone opens that unsubscribe link, XSS will be executed. This will work on anyone irrespective of whether the victim is authenticated or not.

Lesson Learned

1) See what technologies are running on the application and find exploits specific to them.

2) Read old hackerone reports that are disclosed whenever you feel like bored.

3) Try Harder On Everything In Application – I read reports and write-ups a lot but never came across one that got XSS in email unsubscription link. I could’ve just reported that self XSS and got ended up as Informative but i gave more time and got lucky.

9th Oct 2018 - Submitted Report

10th Oct 2018 - Triaged

11th Oct 2018 - Rewarded

22nd Oct 2018 - Resolved

Thanks for reading.


Rohan Aggarwal

A noob finding noob bugs to secure the internet from other noobs | Listed in Twitter, Matomo, Passaver etc Hall Of Fame | Love doing CTF and HTB.

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