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Nipe – Massive Script To Set Tor Network Your Default Gateway

What is Nipe ?

Nipe is a open source tool written in perl language which enables users to make Tor network their default Gateway. The script routes all the system traffic through tor which enables users to surf the internet anonymously. The script is easily available on Github.

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How Nipe Script Works

This Perl Script enables you to directly route all your traffic from your system to the Tor Network through which you can surf the Internet Anonymously without having to worry about being tracked or traced back.

How to Download and Install

The script is available on github platform. Clone the script by typing the command

git clone https://github.com/GouveaHeitor/nipe

After cloning, Get into the directory

cd nipe

Then type the following command

cpan install Switch JSON LWP::UserAgent

Install the required dependencies to run the script

perl nipe.pl install

After installation is completed, run the script by typing 

perl nipe.pl start

After successfull execution, check the IP address of computer to verify that the script is working or not. You can easily check your network IP by typing

perl nipe.pl status
Nipe Script Commands

Install – It will install all the dependencies required to run the script

start – It starts the service and anonymizes your all the traffic using Tor Network.

stop – It stops the script and makes the system normal.

status – You can check the status for eg. Tor IP, etc

restart – It restarts the process i.e changes IP.

Nipe - Massive Script to Set Tor Network Your Default Gateway

 Copyright Tool – Heitor Gouvêa

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