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Learning tools or learning to develop exploits ?

Learning tools or making Exploit ?

In this post i am going to differentiate between a script kiddie and a pro hacker.

Many a time all youth are generally confused between they should go for learning tools or they should learn making exploit.

You must have heard about Metasploit . The great framework for penetration testing.The thing is whenever we open the Kali tools we get the feeling of a hacker ,since the theme of Kali is like that Darkish type :p

So , whenever one used to open the tool section all seems very fascinating and we want to start trying all the tools . But trust me it is the worst thing that most of the do .

Without knowing the actual use of them we start trying them on random stuffs.Its like scraching the surface and rolling over the actual juice.

In this post i will tell you about the Metasploit framework . It has biggest framework consists of lots of exploit and frameworks and payloads.

( Hope you already know about exploit and payloads and well knowledge of exploit-db

For the best use of metasploit you should know about what shell code is how it is made and how its interact with the system.

Now for the shell code you should have prior knowledge about the C programming .

So have some knowledge about the assembly language some C language and you are all set . I am not denying to use already made scripts all i am saying is that you should focus more on the exploit development . Only in this way you can learn faster and efficiently.

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Happy hacking

Akshay Sharma

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