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How To Install Kali Linux on Android Devices

Kali Linux 

Hello Readers. Today we will learn how to install & run kali linux on android devices. Kali is the linux distribution for penetration testing and security auditing. Kali Linux is the most lovable operating system for pentesters & hackers. Kali Linux comes with preloaded security testing tools which makes it excellent for use.

Kali is used for finding vulnerabilities, cracking wifi passwords, hacking websites, checking security of websites etc.

Install Kali Linux On Android

Lets Start, Below is the list of requirements for installing kali linux on android devices. The device must be rooted first to install kali linux on android. Follow the steps given below to install linux distribution on android.

Requirements – 

  • Rooted Android Device
  • A fast, wireless internet connection
  • Linux Deploy App
  • VNC Viewer App
  • Atleast 5-6 GB free space
Step 1

Download & Install “Linux Deploy” App from Google Play Store.

linux deploy playstore














Step 2

Download & Install “VNC Viewer” App from Google Play Store.

vnc viewer














Step 3 – Setup Linux Deploy

Open Linux Deploy App and tap on download icon available next to STOP button.


linux deploy home














Change the Distribution to Kali Linux (Tap on distribution and select kali linux).

linux deploy kali setup














Go to Top of the screen and hit the Install button. This will take time of 5-10 minutes approx. This depends on your internet speed.

linux deploy kali installlinux deploy kali install














After Installation is done, Go & tap Start to start the container.

linux deploy kali














Step 4 – Setup VNC Connections

Open “VNC Viewer” app and tap on “+ icon”.

vnce viewer setup kali














In Address Field – Type “localhost”

In Name Field – Type any name “Kali Linux”

Tap on Create and then tap CONNECT.

vnc viewer kali setup

vnc viewer kali setup















Thats’it …. Done

Install Kali Linux on Android










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