Bug Bounty- How to earn money by Hacking

Bug Bounty

Recently i can over from the OWASP meet , and i found there were many one engaged in the Bug-bounty,

I have been hearing about bug-bounty from around 4 months and literally so eager to know how bug bounty works . So with talk to different industry people and all , I am now going to discuss how bug bounty works :-

Bug Bounty

So Bug as the name suggest bug means any flaw , any unusual thing that might result in the loss of the particular company or organisation . If you want to learn hacking and also want to earn some money and this post is for you.

So , to make their asset strong they open up for their bug bounty program , in which different security guys competite , research for different types of bugs like Sql injection , domain takeover that can be found inside it . If any bugs are found then the particular bug is mailed to the organisation to fix it .It like a open challenge to all ,whoever finds the vulnerarbility are paid according to the level of bug they found ( if you are talented enough and lucky then you can bag a lot of pocket money).

You must have heard news about different progams are getting into bug bounty  programs . Here is some of the news list :-

Top Bug Bounty Hackers

Hackerone invest 40 million

Hackers for good

You must have head about a Bengaluru hacker found a bug in Facebook , you can read it  here .

So , talking about the different bug bounty platforms Here are the list of some of the different bug bounty platform that one should try if he/she is interested in Bug bounty and want to earn money by hacking:-

actually there are two categories in this :-

1- One that are indivisually / privately involved in this like Yahoo Bugbouty, Apple Bug Bouny.

2- There are different  competitive platform like :-

  1. Hackerone
  2. Bugcrowd

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