Microsoft Launched “Skype Lite App” for Indian Users

Skype Lite – Built For India

On Wednesday, The CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadela launched a newer light version of Skype app for Indian users. Skype Lite is a smaller and lighter version of the popular communication app, one that consumes less data on calls (video or voice) and messages. As the app is very light weight, it provides seamless experience in messaging, audio and video calling even at lower bandwidths.

“Packed in a 13MB file, the new app is available only for Android devices and is especially designed to save data,” Satya Nadella, Indian-born CEO of Microsoft, told the media at the company’s “Future Decoded” event here.

Skype Lite App Features – 

skype lite app features1 “Skype Lite” has an integrated camera app with it and added fun bots with a conversational interface that runs on Microsoft’s AI technology.

2. Supports many languages including Gujarati, Bengali, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil and Telugu.

3. Tracking of Mobile and WiFi Data Usage is Included.

4. Share multimedia files without downloading them to the device.

5. Dark Theme also included for using application in night.


Download Skype Lite App Now


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